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Everyone's heard phrases completely as "sisters before misters" and the like, right? Well, Zoey and Ana's "girl code" argument in the June 5 grown-ish episode, "Fake Love," shows that today's dating landscape is much too complicated for naked girls sailing sort of "rules" to be relegated to a cute rhyme.

Either completely, after Aaron reveals to Zoey that he and her "literal ride or die" Ana have been " kickin' it and stuff And let's just say it wasn't as "dope" as she so unconvincingly told Aaron.

Zoey & Ana's Fight About "Girl Code" On 'grown-ish' Reveals A Lot About Relationships These Days

Porno silwa the number one rule of girl code is: Don't date anyone your homegirl has been in a relationship with. The number two rule of girl code: Read rule number one over and over and over again until you die. From there, things get a bit murkier, however, given that this generation has "redefined traditional relationships," zoey, as Zoey explains, turned them into "situationships.

As both the guys and gals of grown-ish debate the topic throughout the episode, one thing that becomes clear naked that so-called "girl code" isn't specific to girls — or any gender identity, for that matter. In fact, what many call "girl code" or "bro code" may be more appropriately flat-out labeled as "friend code. Call it what you want, Zoey felt violated and was not having it regardless, even calling Ana a "shady zoey of backstabbing trash" because naked friends don't sleep with their best friend's ex.