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Innocent Drunk Teen Gets Fucked Anal

Katy was the girl I dated my senior year of high school. She was rather short at 5'4" and she had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair.

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She wasn't young most attractive girl at school, but I was 18 and young combination of teenage angst and fatnakedfreeporn hormones made me more than willing to overlook any physical shortcomings. Anyways, it's not as if she was bad looking, she was certainly cute and she kept her body in fairly good anal. Looking back on it now I think we both just wanted someone to explore our sexuality with. Being a teenage male, my mind was constantly filled with all sorts of filthy sexual exploits I wanted to try and Katy seemed willing to indulge in many of the same things.

We anal with each other after school, during the weekends, and just about any other time we could be alone. We started out as most people do, I suspect, touching each other and making out until we eventually developed a routine of me fingering her and drunk, her giving me head.

Innocent Drunk Teen Gets Fucked Anal -

After getting used to this routine, we finally decided to move onto sex and it was incredible. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as the first time. We both loved having sex so much we could hardly keep our hands off each other and we must have tried every sexual position known to man, but despite the wonderful feelings it elicited, our sex also became a routine of sorts. I still had a longing to drunk something else, something that had fascinated me ever since I discovered sex, but I was much too shy to ever propose that Katy bend over and let me stick my penis in her ass.

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