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This paper examines how children aged in three European countries Italy, UK and Spain develop and present their online identities, and their interactions with peers.


Our findings suggest that there are gender differences and the presence of sexual double standards in peer topless discourses. Girls are positioned as being more subjected to peer mediation and pressure. While cross-national variations do exist, this sexual double standard is observed in all three countries.

These insights into current behaviours could be further developed to determine policy guidance for supporting young people as they learn to manage image laden social pakistani picturesxxx. Did she really send it around or did she send it to one boy?

Yes, now… David: Okay, semi it was an older year when you were in year seven?

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No, when we were in year seven it was just the more mature kids that knew about all that stuff. Do you think the teachers kind of handled it well or do they know? They handled it well.

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Yes, they did. They just, they, teen, I think they gave the right actions. And then squirt camera did kind of quieten down after, quite quickly after. That there might be weird people that you have never met, who see your picture, look for you, look for your personal information, things like that.