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Reblog if you want sapphic be in a combination of a lesbian biker gang and knitting circle where we ride along the west coast going on adventures and take breaks to knit at cafes and talk about girls, stories from our pasts, problems, and dreams. Shoutout to the girliest lesbians out there, who dress like straight girls and have to fight albino make others believe your sexuality.

Shoutout to trans lesbians who just wanna be accepted for their preferred gender and pronouns regardless of pushing pa their body looks like! But how to talk to them?

lesbian biker gang?

Do I even talk to them? How do lesbians work?


How do I work? Is she starting a lesbian biker gang in the crimson wastes?

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Girls goals. And the ANGST potential between adora and catra with them both emotionally compromised should be intense to watch. My HOPE for s3 is maybe seeing some kind of resolution for Mermista and Sea Hawk and the tension sex with penes them that was teased in s2, as well as maybe seeing catra learn to appreciate scorpia more. Also Sweet Bee, I wanna meet her so bad. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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