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Pokemon iris hot

Iris Japanese: One day she met a wild Drilbur that had injured a Patrat and had stolen its food.

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Angered, she sought justice for what the Drilbur had done and challenged him. After coming to his rescue, the two became good friends and began training together.

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After many victories against different types of TrainersDrilbur evolved into pokemon Excadrill. The two then got the opportunity to meet Draydena Dragon Master, who praised Iris for her skill in battle. Brimming with confidence, she then challenged Drayden to a battle. However, Drayden's Haxorus was more powerful than Iris had anticipated and Excadrill was easily defeated.

Iris (anime)

After suffering defeat and becoming distrustful of his Trainer due Iris pushing him to keep battling even though he knew it was a lost causeExcadrill then closed himself off from Hot, rarely opening up, iris never showing emotion. When she was not pokemon school, she stayed mandarin pornxxx Martha iris a dorm. These were very difficult times for Iris, though. She struggled in school, and failed to make any friends or interact hot any of the other students at the academy.