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On December 14 midget last year, Obese showed a room of around people my tits.

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And my ass. And I shook my bulbous belly for them to feast their eyes on. I am not a woman most people look at and think, she could be a stripper. A plus-size strip show felt like the perfect way to challenge that, because stripping is aggressively sexual, leaves very little to the imagination, and, I was told, feels very empowering.

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We posted open calls, inviting anyone female-identifying in Los Angeles to take part, regardless of their experience level, then launched an Indiegogo. We trained with a dancer and body positive life coach by the name of Cera Byer.

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It took some time, but we eventually found our final group of 13 women. Emo cell nudes than have an audition process, we allowed anyone who showed they were dedicated to the project to take part.

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Some were already coming from the world of professional stripping and burlesque, while others were doing it for the very first time. Because we were all so different, song choice, performance style, and level of nudity was left completely up to the performers.

Some felt more empowered keeping their costume on while dancing, while others exposed naked fully.