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Nudist peace sign

Secret paradise: Europe’s only nudist island, Le Levant -

Just imagine: Here the sixties have never died. Its name means: One is even more special than the others. Living right under the sun, sign the sea, naked, was understood peace the real medicine to heal body and soul. So they founded the nudist village of Heliopolis on this little island.

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After WW2, the island Le Levant gained in fame and virgin fully naked a high rank among the dreams and fantasies of French people.

Le Levant is a paradise for nature lovers.

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Dozens of cacti enjoy the long summers, palm trees throw their shade on the little paths, wild flowers grow everywhere, and the highest slopes of the island are covered in cane-apple bushes, which are really typical of Provence. The nudist parts of the island are covered in cane-apple bushes and oaks.

Cacti in the lovely hotel Cabo Verde, a beautiful place to stay at. Le Levant is proud of its identity as a naturist island.

The Peace Sign, the Nudist, and the Wardrobe. | Bowties and Booze.

Clothing is optional in the village, but downright prohibited on the beaches and the little coastal path by the sea. You will feel a great deal of freedom. The village offers a wide range of accommodations, which are rather on the budget-friendly side.

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