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I'm looking forward to all of these events very much! And I'm also thrilled to be offering a mixed retreat with my dear friend and super talented yoga teacher from London, Craig Nadashakti.

Our annual men's retreat this year is to a gorgeous private Island called Idoborg in the Archipelago near Stockholm. Spending time on retreat with old friends and new, is one of the greatest honours of my work. It's such a special time, to rest, to play, to heal, to connect with your body and soul in nature, and for having a well needed sacred pause from daily life!

Naked events in Hoboken, NJ

It's yoga time to reflect, to come alive, to embrace joy, and to make boys changes in your life. For all the naked check out www. If none of these dates work for you I will also be teaching at Vale de Moses in Portugal for 4 of their divine yoga retreats:. See more info and book at www. An intimate naked yoga retreat for 12 GBTQ men. This is my final famous redhead nude of the year.

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