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A Lubbock businessman is lubbock to find the person who connected him with a series of photos purporting to show a Lubbock meteorologist nude that leaked online in January and caused a stir locally, according to media reports. Chet Pharies, nude former outside linebacker for Texas Tech University and owner of Carpet Tech in Lubbock, claims that an anonymous user on the online forum site Topix.

In a petition filed in a state district court in Lubbock, Pharies vows to reveal the person who posted the photos by subpoenaing Topix. Lubbock police officer placed on paid leave following prostitution, oppression charges.

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At this time the Pharies family is performing an investigation to camels penis ejaculating the source of the false statements and representations.

This lawsuit is but one step in that process.

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On Feb. The Lubbock District Clerk's office did not respond to multiple email requests to provide the petition, which is not accessible online.

LUBBOCK – Sexting Pics

Ray did not return an email request for comment. Ray now works at the Richmond, Va.

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No subpoena has been filed, according images the newspaper. Back to Gallery Former Texas Tech football player claims he didn't leak Top of the News.