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By Jennifer Pearson.

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It seems things just don't get any better for Kristen Stewart. And two days after she hobbled on stage at The Oscars her foot injury isn't showing much sign of improvement. The Twilight star, 22, was spotted in front of her home in Los Angeles limping as she made an effort to get to the car.

Hobbling along: Kristen Stewart's injured foot seemed like it needed hager healing kristen she limped along during an feet in Los Angeles with a friend.

Kristen Stewart limps awkwardly on injured foot during outing with friend

Kristen seemed to be making very slow progress and appeared in danger of doing her foot more harm at one point. Each step looked terribly painful and the bespectacled Kristen couldn't help but wince. Bravely she went on, unwilling to let this mishap get her down.

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She made it! Kristen got to the car finally but it was a painful trip getting there. Kristen was attired in her usual tomboyish style anal girlsgonewild included cuffed grey trousers and a loose white T-shirt gathered in a knot at her waist.

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