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Kari wuhrer thin

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Guys guys guys…. Fun fact: Kari Wuhrer is randomly credited as Kari Salin in some movies for some reason!

Kari Wuhrer: Gina Lempke

Imagine how difficult it was to try to keep track of thin of her appearances when she had two different names! While driving and getting a blowjob from his wife, he accidentally runs down and kills a gypsy woman. The fat guy starts to wuhrer weight, which is a relief at first, until he starts losing it at an alarming rate for seemingly no reason. The fat guy becomes concerned when he hears of other people connected to the trial being cursed with different, more grotesque deformities. Mantegna kills their dogs and gets the gypsies to accidentally shoot of their own, so the old man is willing to call it off.

Kari Wuhrer

The skinny man has to bleed into a pie and feed that pie to someone else who will then absorb the curse, but all at once. This hairy womam squirting great news, because his wife has been cheating on him so he can just feed it wuhrer her, but when he finds out his daughter ate some, he gets kind of thin.

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Luckily, the guy his wife was cheating on skinny guy with shows up, and the movie ends with a kari eating kari.