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I have been to Iceland a number of times on my own, and as such am used to using the swimming pools and am familiar with the rules about showering naked. While this is not a problem for me, it is for my partner who would very much like to come with me on a future visit.

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She is you see a pre-operative transsexual male to female and although she herself has no qualms about showering naked in front of others, sexy jeggings fuck is likely that others with whom she comes into contact at the pools would have. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to a possible solution, do for example any of the pools have separate showers and cubicles in preferably the female area so that we could go in together, or is there perhaps a disabled freecolledgexxx that we could use?

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We would like to visit at least one of the Reykjavik pools icelandic with the Blue Lagoon and possibly the Myvatn Nature Baths. While the Blue Lagoon website mentions a separate area for those with physical disabilities, she does not really fit into this category, so I am unsure as to whether we would be able to use this.

I haven't checked the Myvatn website naked don't know what the options would be women, and the site for the Reykjavik pools doesn't seem to mention anything at all other than the usual rules.

If anyone can point icelandic in the women of such information it would be a great help, as it would be shame if she were not able to use these facilities, which are such an intrinsic part of a visit to Iceland.

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BL's have doors and the nature baths have curtains. If the problem is entering the naked area at all, then why not email them? I'm sure they'd be sympathetic and be able to offer you something more private.