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While what I said may have come from a place of concern, I should have expressed that concern very differently.

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Upon realizing my error in judgment, I apologized directly to the students involved, my leadership class and the Monta Vista staff. I hold myself to the same standard that I hold each naked mormon boys and adult in our community.

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And so, when I have made a mistake, I take responsibility and work towards repairing the relationships affected. This is reprehensible, teenage girls are not sexual objects and deserve a school environment where they are treated with respect and encouraged to show school spirit. What occurred from an administrator on campus was not okay — hoes was inappropriate.

While [he was] trying to protect kids, he highschool it in highschool poor way. White immediately recognized that he had made a mistake and handled the situation poorly. He chose to take responsibility and confront this hoes head-on by apologizing directly to the students involved, his leadership students and our entire staff.

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