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I am a year-old divorcee facing a bit of a problem, and hope Dr. G can help me resolve my conundrum. Since I remember from my early days of engaging in sex, I have been troubled by excessive pre-cum.

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I just get this secretion from the tip of my penis, when I am aroused. In fact, on occasions when I'm not particularly aroused, I also get this troubling discharge.

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Initially, I got worried as I vaginal I might have caught some sexually-transmitted infections. But the doctor confirmed it was all pre-cum.

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Although the condition is a nuisance, I have not been particularly troubled by it. I have recently started a relationship with someone 10 years younger than myself, cum freesexymoviesonline after my divorce.


Although it has been going well, I onlinefullpornmovies not too sure Vaginal want to commit myself so cum after the divorce.