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Adult star costume

That includes you of course! Different manufacturers of costumes make their products with different nude holli paige, one costume company's size medium is another manufacturer's small. It can get pretty confusing.

Adult Halloween Costumes

To find your size for women and men simply measure your costume, your waist and your inseam the seam in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Just match these numbers to the closest size. For most costumes for grownups the chest size is the more important number to go by. If an inseam is too long you can use a safety pin to shorten it.

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When in doubt deciding between size options, go with the larger size as Halloween outfits often run small. What's great about shopping on our online Halloween costume store for adults is that we make it easy with returns and exchanges.

Adult Gold Star Costume - Standard

If you do order the wrong size, we are happy to help you return the outfit or exchange it for a different one. You can learn more about returns and exchanges at Costume SuperCenter here. Our adult costume store has a huge selection adult Halloween outfits for grownups to embrace their inner child.

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