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Thanks in advance for any advice! Rate this post:. Responses 0. Likes Highest Vote Latest Oldest. Mark Bailey Accepted Answer. Also, are there any compelling arguments for a certain MPM prefork vs. And what would the best FCGI settings be for each?

Ray Baron Accepted Answer. The following does not directly address all of your questions but one-upon-a-time I had a similar setup to yours. Since your question was " Our goal is to provide the best possible performance and stability I tried the Unixy Varnish plugin but had spotty results in terms of configurability and speed.

Hello, Thanks for the reply. We had tried LiteSpeed in the past and had good results performance-wise, but we dropped it for several reasons: Cost e. We were told to use forums only or they would charge us for contacting them directly if we did so again. Ambiguous documentation. Very hard to find answers on how to configure things like the cache. In case we do try it again, do you know which PHP handler we should use, or any other configuration we should use to take advantage of Xcache or other opcode caches?

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Что курил конструктор: It works reasonably with full page caching. You can cache bust to test yourself, just add? В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:. Перейти в форум поддержки. Перейти к содержимому WordPress. Описание This plugin will record the performance of your wp Hosting company.

It also has a feature to email you when the server response becomes unacceptably slow.

How to test hosting speed

Скриншоты a few of the graphs. The second gaphs shows the pure response time of the hosting server this screen shot is giving you a quick indication of how well your wp hosting server performance is doing. This is from the loadtest report, showing WordPress appdex - a measure of user responsiveness of your WordPress SiteGround This is from the loadtest report This is from the loadtest report This is part of the sysinfo report - showing your software technology, and artificial benchmark results.

Bot analysis - showing CPU resources consumed by bot usage. Dell PowerEdge Rxd Processor: GB52 Conditions A disk of Gb in size was created. Then it was replicated between the tested disks OSDs. Testing was conducted on single disk OSDs with a built-in log pool size 1.

wp Hosting Performance Check

All tests were conducted on a local machine localhost because we had to exclude the network latency effect. We tested the disks themselves, and not advanced algorithms or software capabilities that further increase the speed of reading and writing.

We needed to eliminate everything that could distort the test results. One more thing: The block size in each test was standard: OS operate blocks of this size while saving files. No additional changes or conditions were required. The results are shown in the graphics after each test.

Believe us, there is much to tell! The latency parameters are recorded.

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Disks are sorted from the lowest latency to the highest.