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Proxy Privacy Ruler 1. If you want to continue using it after November 14,you should consider replacing your browser with Pale Moon, SeaMonkey or Waterfox. Many thanks for your feedback and support over the years. Proxy Privacy Ruler allows to limit proxy usage by private windows, and together with Private Tab proxy can be enabled even only in private tabs within single browser window.

Domain-Named Bucket Verification

It supports all types of proxies that can be set via browser options, as well as most of popular add-ons, such as anonymoX, Browsec, friGate, Hoxx and ZenMate. In addition there is custom domain list for enabling proxy in non-private windows and tabs.

The toolbar button allows quickly switch proxy limitation on and off, and when pressed with Ctrl opens the options. You can send me small gift if you wish. Note that these methods require you to have an existing website for the domain you want to verify.

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Once you have verified domain or site ownership, you can add additional owners, including services accounts. These users can also create buckets under the verified domain name.

Follow these instructions for adding site owners. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. For details, see our Site Policies. Обновлено Март 13, Отправить отзыв.

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Requirements for domain-named buckets Cloud Storage considers bucket names that contain dots to be domain names. As such, a bucket containing a dot in its name must: Be a syntactically valid DNS name for example, bucket. End with a currently-recognized top-level domain, such as. Be created by a user who is authorized to work with the domain name.

Who can create a domain-named bucket To create a bucket that uses a domain name, you must establish that you are authorized to use the domain name.

People authorized to use a domain name include: Verified owners of the domain or parent domain. Verified site owners of the domain or parent domain. Domain ownership verification If your project intends to have a domain-named bucket, the team member creating the bucket must demonstrate that they are authorized to create a bucket in the given domain. To verify domain ownership: Some form of proof that you have rights to the requested name must be submitted with the application.

In most cases your existing URL yourcompanyname. You may be contacted by the. Most applications will be verified within 3 business days but can take as long as 30 days. Upon positive validation, the. Application fees are non-refundable. If the renewal attempt fails, we re-attempt renewal on the 5 days later and again 7 days after that. If we cannot auto-renew the domain name and you do not manually renew it by the 17th day after the expiration date, it must be redeemed.

There might be a fee for the redemption.

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See Recovering expired domain names for more information. Yes, you can transfer your domain name to us. See Transfer my domain away from GoDaddy for information on transferring. Yes, but when the domain name is moved, the registrant first name, last name, and company name cannot be changed.

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See Transfer my domain to another GoDaddy account for more information. Yes, but there are limitations. The domain name must include the legal or commonly known business name. Any valid nameservers may be used for.